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About R&D Study Services (RDSS)
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Rooyesh & Danesh Study Services Institute


R&D Study Services (RDSS) is an Iranian non-commercial institution, registered with the Registry of Tehran Non-Profit Companies and Institutions on 14 September 2019 with Registration No 48139 and National Identification Number 14008613060. Registration was permitted by the Scholarship & Student Recruitment Department, the Student Affairs Organization (Ministry of Science, Research and Technology) on 5 August 2019  (No: 42.1.45357). With the dissolution of Royaye Danesh Study Services (former RDSS), and the replacement of this institution with it, we have had our long experience of 14 years with us.


Topics of the Institute's activities: Student recruitment from- and to Iran, science-based and research-based services, employment and job counseling, holding conferences and workshops, providing student counseling and services, and e-commerce.


Description of the Institute's activities: (1) Student Dispatch Services: With the authorization of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the Institute dispatches students to the Netherlands, Norway and South Africa. (2) Holding ceremonies, congresses, and workshops related to the core task of the Institute (3) E-Commerce focusing on the international needs of students and academics such as providing international insurance, booking accommodation and dormitories and more (4) Employment and career counseling based on scholarships for doctoral and post-doctoral research applicants in countries where the Institute is licensed to send students. (5) Science-based and research-based services including statistical and research consulting


The slogan of the institute: This institute works with the management and expertise of leading faculty and academics at home and abroad, and its main motto is: With us, experience acting differently!

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